Terms and Conditions

Account: An account created by the user to access the platform's services. It includes accounts created by organizations. Writer or Editor: Any user who has created an account on our platform to render services to other customers of the platform.
Customer: Users who pay to avail the services of the platform. Collaborator: Third parties, including software services providers, applications and other websites providing for creating or enhancing the platform's services. Content: Any material created and made available through the services of the platform, including text, design, images, docs etc.
Brief: Data, company or product information, recommendations and suggestions, text, images, videos and other materials shared with the platform. Plan: An offering of service with a specific set of promises with a defined price that a user pays on the platform to avail of the services. Service: Services provided on the Platform, as indicated through its various plans and pricing. These services may change with time at the sole discretion of the firm. User or You: Any person or organization or other entity who uses the platform.

NeoReach Digital provides a platform for writers and editors to write, edit, curate and render content services to our customers. The decision on how much and whether to allocate the content project to any writer or editor rests solely with NeoReach Digital.

NeoReach Digital provides a platform for customers to order content writing services offered by the platform.

You are required to create an account to use the Platform for which you agree to provide true and accurate information. You further agree that the information provided is neither confidential nor proprietary and does not infringe any rights of a third party in any way.

Accounts are non-transferrable and cannot be sold or shared with others. Information shared while creating the account will be governed as per the terms of the Privacy Policy. The credentials you use, like email or phone number, to create the account are subject to verification as necessitated by the platform or as per the prevailing laws. Your phone number or email ID may be integrated with applications outside of NeoReach Digital to deliver messages, alerts, information on transactions or other promotional material.

One user can create only one account. NeoReach Digital reserves the right to suspend, withhold or terminate accounts that violate this term or any other term at its sole discretion. As a customer, you may be required to enter into a separate contract with NeoReach Digital detailing special arrangements related to pricing, delivery of service, or other aspects governing the firm's services.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide a clear brief and feedback for all content writing tasks. Once the brief or feedback is shared, NeoReach Digital shall ensure that the writers include all suggestions and inputs the customer gives.

NeoReach Digital shall provide 2 free revisions for all delivered content unless specified otherwise through a separate agreement. The customer can share feedback for revision within 14 days from the day of delivering the content for review. If the feedback is requested after 14 days or if the customer requests more than 2 revisions, then such revisions can be completed after paying 25% of the original price value of the respective content type like blogs, emails, social media posts, etc. The customer shall ensure that the requested revision matches the original brief.

However, the Editorial team of NeoReach Digital has the final discretion on deciding whether the requested revision is a modification or constitutes an altogether new brief. If the Editorial team decides that the requested revision is a new brief, then it will be considered a fresh order and thus the customer has to pay the full amount for the work.

The customer shall share revisions for each content unit, for example, a blog or a social media post. It is the responsibility of the customer to request specific changes required in a document pointing out exact parts like a para, a sentence, or a headline, etc. A blanket or generic feedback for all units in an order will not be considered as feedback or a revision request for all content units.

Content writers and editors have the right to accept or reject a particular task alloted to them within the stipulated time. However, after accepting the assignment, they have the responsibility to complete the assignment, including all the revisions that may follow after publishing the first draft.

NeoReach Digital can ask for the revision of work even before the work is published to the end customer for any reason including language, brief, general quality, research, etc. After the customer shares the feedback, the same must be incorporated completely in the document without exception, unless the revision is against the original brief.

You will be responsible for delivering high-quality service to the customer and shall work with NeoReach Digital to ensure the same. NeoReach Digital reserves the right to review the agreement with you for any reason related to quality, pricing, timeline etc and terminate the agreement. V.

Updation or Changes to Terms and Conditions NeoReach Digital reserves the right to change, amend or modify the terms and conditions with or without any prior notice to any platform user, including the customer, the writer or the editor.

NeoReach Digital reserves the right to change, amend or modify the terms and conditions with or without any prior notice to any platform user, including the customer, the writer or the editor.

You shall indemnify NeoReach Digital, its affiliate partners, employees, and representatives from all liabilities, or losses that relate to (i) Use or misuse of the Services and Platform (ii) Infringement of third party rights or contravention of applicable law or (iii) Violation of the Terms and Conditions; or any applicable law, contract, policy, regulation or other obligation.

Any queries related to these Terms and Conditions can be sent to tech@neoreachdigital.com with a detailed description of the issue and contact information to help our support team reach out and resolve the issue.

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