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Benefit from our track record of writing unrivaled, high-performing emails. Grow your lists, engage with custom content, and get high conversions.

Own and grow your email list

Engage your prospects and customers outside your social media accounts, through powerful and creative email and newsletter campaigns.

Grow your sales

Get a punchy copy that pushes your prospects to the next level in the funnel, builds your brand and converts into customers.

Segment and personalise content

Get highly customized email content that addresses specific groups of prospects based on their needs, buying stage, demography and more.

Drip or funnel content

Get a series of funnel based drip email content to promote your Landing Page, Product, Services or Solutions without the need to create adhoc emails.


Simple. Fill up a simple briefing form and we will take care of the rest.

Your email will be written by a team that has helped brands win mind and market share with powerful emails that convert. It will be further curated by an experienced team of business and marketing editors.

We provide two subject lines with every email.

We can provide banner content if it is requested in the brief.

Yes. All our emails are checked for plagiarism.

The Turn-Around-Time (TAT) is decided based on the number of email content pieces required, subject matter depth, and the availability of writers to take up the work immediately. Once the order is placed, you will be notified of the TAT.

No worries. You can make full use of two FREE revisions to get the content finetuned as per your wish. Subsequent revisions can be ordered at just 25% of the product value.